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Zambian Lotto is the biggest lottery in Zambia. It arranged its first drawing sessions in 2008 year and today, the company’s game has been progressed in a way to be able to offer a minimum jackpot in each of the three weekly drawing sessions at an amount of K 2 000 000. In this review, we are about to tell you everything necessary a lottery lover is supposed to know about Zambian Lotto – terms and conditions, possible profits in the game, drawing sessions, placing a bet via MTN Money, how to become a reseller for the company, as well as how to get in touch with it.

Terms and conditions, profits and ticket price in Zambian Lotto

The terms and conditions of this lottery game are simplified at a full value – in each session 6 numbers are drawn. These 6 numbers are the basic numbers as with them there’s one additional number drawn in each session. It’s possible for each number between 1 and 42 to be drawn.

Then, the profits are calculated the following way:

  • Tickets with 3 correctly predicted numbers – fixed profit at an amount of K 30
  • Tickets with 4 correctly predicted numbers – fixed profit at an amount of K 250
  • Tickets with 5 correctly predicted numbers – fixed profit at an amount of K 5 000
  • Tickets with 5 correctly predicted numbers + correct prediction of the additional number – minimum profit amount K 10 000 (with the possibility to reach up to more than K 100 000)
  • Tickets with 6 correctly predicted numbers – minimum profit amount K 2 000 000 (when there’s no jackpot winner within several drawing sessions, in this case the maximum jackpot amount can be up to K 10 000 000)

All of these profits are possible to be won with one single ticket only and its price is only K 5.

Drawing sessions in Zambian Lotto

The drawing sessions in Zambian Lotto are available three times per week:

  • Drawing in Tuesday at 21:30 on ZNBC TV
  • Drawing in Thursday at 21:30 on ZNBC TV
  • Drawing in Saturday at 21:30 on ZNBC TV

Buying a ticket for Zambian Lotto via mobile devices and through MTN Money

The easiest way to get a ticket for this lottery is to use your MTN Money account. Of course, besides only having an account on this platform, you should ensure that there’s enough money in it in order to get a ticket – in other words, you should have at least K 5 in your MTN Money account.

Then, you just need to dial *303# and via the menu with the lotteries to select this specific company’s lottery.
The next step is to go through the routine procedure regarding your legal age conformation, as well as to mark that you have the legal right to participate in lottery games.

Last, but not least, you should enter 6 numbers. Leave space between each of these numbers and then, confirm your bet – aka make a confirmation you need to participate in the drawing by paying the ticket price at an amount of K 5.

Zambian Lotto offers the specially tailored function Quick Pick, too, by the way. When using this option, there’s no need to enter any numbers – you will see 6 numbers marked totally randomly.

Regardless whether you have picked up the 6 numbers, or you have decided to use the Quick Pick function, you will receive a message with all the data as to your ticket.

How to become a ticket reseller for Zambian Lotto?

The only 100% winner in Zambian Lotto lotteries is the one who sells the tickets. You can become such a winner by becoming an official partner to Zambian Lotto – or simply to start selling the company’s tickets as a reseller. For this purpose you should only fill in one form. This form is placed in the section called Become a Reseller. The form includes personal details such as name, last name, e-mail address and telephone number. When you fill in all of the fields, press on Submit and then, the company will get in touch with you to discuss all the details regarding your eventual future partnership.

How to reach Zambian Lotto?

In the section called Get in Touch you can send a message to Zambian Lotto. For this purpose, you should leave your name, e-mail address and telephone number alongside with your text message. The company will reach you via your e-mail address or telephone number in order to response you or to give you an explanation regarding your message.

In the same section you will see 4 mobile phone numbers, too. Use them to reach the company’s representatives working in the lottery provider’s head main office. There’s also a residential address you can use to send letters, as well as links to the company’s profiles in Facebook and Tweeter. Speaking of which, only in Facebook Zambian Lotto has more than 60 000 followers.

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