Betway Nigeria Review 2021

Betway - NGN 20,000 in free bets

Company overview and background history

Many of today’s gambling operators that have been established in the current century offer their services only in internet and do not open any physical shops or offices. This has been the main strategy Betway following since its establishment back in 2006 year by opening only one head main office in Malta aiming to spread its services only online.

The betting company continues holding its Maltese license, but is has also accepted licenses providing it the right to operate in many other countries, including Great Britain, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Spain and many more.

The betting operator is well-known not only on the European betting market, but also across the African punters as during the last couple of years it has seriously focused its attention on the specially tailored website versions for countries from our continent – like Ghana, Kenya, OAR, Uganda, Zambia and of course, Nigeria.

One of the top specific things about Betway on the African market is that each country is supported with a specially tailored website, which fully corresponds to the local preferences, while in Europe all of the sport betting lovers use one shared website. As you will eventually notice, if you open the link that takes to the Nigerian platform, the domain ends with Nigerian punters receive not only a special website devoted to specifically for them, but also special conditions and extras for deposits and withdrawals.

The betting operator works in a partnership with the local authorities which is why it’s fully licensed by the government and due to this the company and its Nigerian clients are under the law at a full value. By the force of this partnership the gambling house handles lots of initiatives to support local sport world and only during the last couple of weeks many donations have become registered – for the football club G12 and in the sake of the establishment of mini football league with teams formed of 5 players (famous by the name of Betway 5s League). The bookmaker is also an official sponsor to West Ham team’s equipment.

What types of bets does Betway accept?

In the beginning of its practice on the Nigerian market, the bookie was mostly popular as a website where it’s possible to place bets for the final outcome in a football match and a couple of other sport disciplines, but with time the betting company has been added more and more products, including:

  • Different sport bets
  • Live bets
  • Football jackpots
  • Casino
  • Jackpot
  • Lotteries
  • Virtual sports
  • TV games

Sport lovers from Nigeria can place bets on single matches, but also on the final outcome in a whole championship. While any other bookmaker provides odds for upcoming events, it’s a fact that not all bookies offer a chance for a bet for the final champion or the goal scorer in the league. In Betway all of these bet types are appreciated and determined as significant, which is Outrights bets are provided for more than 100 different tournaments only from the football world – such as the English premium league which is bound with 20 different bets related to the end of the championship: who’s going to be the winner, who will fall out from the group, which team will signs the biggest number of scores, which one among the newbies will have the best performance, which team from West England will be on the highest position, which one will win on Christmas and many more.

Although the bookie invests a lot efforts and resources to change it, football is still the priority among the rest sport types. Don’t think, though, that there’s no other sport discipline in this platform – you will find 20 different sport types – but to be honest, we cannot be as satisfied with them as we are with the football market coverage.

We even find the highest odds in the football section. In April 2019 year one 26-year Nigerian punter, by the way, has taken the advantage of them and won 1.5 million of NGN. This punter made only one accumulated bet.

When it comes to live bets, we usually find good opportunities in football and tennis, too, but what surprises us in Betway is the football jackpot game. Here the final potential win sometimes exceeds 10 million of NGN. The only weak point in this game is that all of the jackpot sessions are composed of football matches only, but it’s for sure the variety of the football leagues is huge. There’s a new jackpot game session every day. Sometimes, you should predict the final winner in the game, while in other cases you have to guess the number of the scores or the correct score.

Sport lovers can test their luck in virtual sport betting activity, too. Here the variety of sport types, though, is bigger as football, horse racing, hounds and even basketball and tennis are available. Moreover – if you want to go even more far away from football and try something different than sport, Betway offers you more than 50 different 50 casino games. Some of them are even designed by the company, while others come from third-party developers. 2/3 of the games are slots, but there are a limited number of video poker and table games, too.

The comparatively new service for betting on European and American lotteries hasn’t attracted lots of followers yet, but the gambling company makes everything possible to change this by giving quite high odds and attractive bet types thanks to which you can actually win not only by predicting the exact numbers that have been drawn, but also from other markets (such as the total amount of the numbers if accumulating them).

Last, but not least, we would like to tell you more about the only form of live streaming that’s available in Betway Nigeria. It is available in the section called Betgames you will distinguish from any other section by the fact that here the games can be followed in real time. For instance, if you play dices, you will see live the way the croupier throws the dices. If leaving this special add-on aside, the bets here are placed the same way you place sport bets or bets on lotteries and more information about placing a bet in Betway is placed below…

Functions and extras in Betway

The good thing about Betway is that all of the company’s services we have told you about up to now, com with detailed guides regarding using them, so even if you are a total newbie in gambling you will get used to principle of any game fast.

Hence, most of the additional functions and extras in this betting website are designed especially for the sport punters. Thus, for instance, only the bets, which are placed on sport events (including the live sport bets) might be closed before the event ends. The very popular Cash Out function makes it possible to correct a mistake you have done during your betting activity. If you, for example, place a bet on the wrong match, you can always cash out the bet and place a new one. Even if you have placed the bet consciously, though, you are free to change your mind – especially if after making a huge consideration once the event progresses – and make the bet as profitable for you as possible.

We should note that, the Cash Out option is nowhere available for all the matches, but Betway in difference to all of its competitors, we know in advance when exactly we can use the function thanks to one small green button placed right next to the event name. So if you see such a button, then it means you will have the chance to close a bet placed on this event till its last minute.

Our readers are quite pleased with the fact that the special function for the stats offered by this reputable European bookie. Before the event starts, this extra shows us one huge list of information for the last matches, the performance rate and many more things from past that matter for the team and its upcoming event. All of these facts can help us make the right decision regarding our bet, while in the live section we can even find out what exactly is happening on the field right now and minute by minute – for instance, you get information regarding the number of the attempts each team has done, which team possesses the ball, what’s the ball possession in % per team and many more.

What’s Betway welcome bonus?

There’s one great motivation for you to become Betway’s official customer – it’s the company’s gesture to each new customer who makes a registration on this platform. The new customer bonus is equal to the 50% of your first deposit bonus. It means that if you deposit for the first time 10 000 NGN you will not eventually have 10 000, but 15 000 NGN to bet or the bonus is at an amount of 5 000 NGN.

It’s important to know that this special offer comes with two significant requirements. First of all, the bonus is limited up to 20 000 NGN, but doesn’t matter at all to people, who, why way or another, have decided to initially deposit maximum 40 000 NGN. On the other side, the bonus cannot be directly received with the deposit transfer to the playing account. You need to at first place bets at a total amount of the deposit amount multiplied with 3 and the minimum odd per bet should be 3.00. The second requirement might be a problem to many punters as not all they love placing bets on such big odds.

There are two more bonuses, which, in difference to the previous one, are not one-time and all of punters actually have the right to get them no matter what bets they place. The first one is called Win Boost bonus and it’s devoted to the accumulated bets. This offer increases your potential win with a certain percentage that depends on the number of your selections. You can reach up to 250% increase of your final income. However, note that the impressive % increase is given basically only if you place truly impossible bet slips (for instance, a bet slip with 23 selections will definitely give at least 100% increase of the profit). Most people, though, place accumulated bets with 5-10 selections and what they get as a bonus is an increase of nearly 5-30% of the final profit.

Well, it’s still something to appreciate, too, right?

Since a while the betting company has been also providing the Rebound bonus. This bonus literally has no concrete rules. It is provided to any punter who falls in one losing series of bets and the bookie decided on its own whether to get the punter’s motivation back by offering some money as bonus.

How to play in Betway?

To win from your betting activity and to get all of the available bonuses in Betway you should at first create a profile in the platform, then to deposit money and in the end, to be familiar with the procedure for placing a bet. We offer you some details regarding each of these steps in the following lines…

First step – registration

No bookie will accept your bets without having you registered on its platform and Betway does not make any exceptions in this rule. We are confident that you can make a registration in this bookmaker on your own and with no difficulties at all as the procedure is extremely easy. However, we will still tell you in short what to do in order to have an account in this betting house.

First of all, start by clicking with your finger on the green button called Sign Up. Then, fill in your mobile phone number, select a password and enter your two names. Be attentive and type your names the way they are written in your official ID. Press on the button called Next and continue with filling in your date of birth, address and State.

Fortunately, Betway has not included the annoying part of any bookie’s registration processes – the confirmation part whether with codes via SMS messages or links through your e-mail box. Once you fill in your personal data, you literally immediately get the chance to make a deposit.

Second step – deposit

Depositing in the bookmaker is as easy as you can imagine for this process might be – everything you should do is done on the page you will see opened once you click on the button called Deposit.

Now, when you are on this page you can make a deposit via a bank card or via Paystack EFT (these options are free of fees), as well as to receive information how to deposit by entering some specific codes on your mobile phone through the systems provided by GT Bank and Diamond Back USSD (these options, though, will charge with fees from 20 to 25 NGN).

If you are not pleased with these payment methods you will still have a chance to deposit – just find the nearest ATM or a bank department (the bank does not matter). Please, have in mind, though, that deposits made via ATM or via a bank service are with huge fees – 100 NGN. Meanwhile, the bank wire transfer is also risky as it might take some time, but is free of fees.

There’s only one minimum deposit amount requirement regardless the deposit method – the amount should be at least 100 NGN.

Third step – place a bet

All bet slips regardless the section – sport betting, virtual sports, TV games, lotteries and live bets – work the same way.

Your first task as a punter is to select a bet. If you want, for instance, to place a bet for the market Over 2.5 scores for Juventus playing against Torino, you should open this event page, find this specific market type and press on it. You will see the odd right next to the bet, but it becomes totally from your bet slip, too. In the bet slip you are supposed to enter the amount of money you want to invest for this bet. Then, you will see the eventual profit you can win with the Win Boost option.

Downloading Betway mobile apps

This foreign bookie offers optimal mobile solutions that include very alike and similar as to design and content mobile browser versions and Android and iOS apps.

While we hardly can find even a single difference between Betway mobile browser version and the apps, the mobile browser version is quite different from the official desktop platform. However, it’s only the design that seems to be different as you will soon realize that both websites come with the same services and products. When you want to place a bet on a certain match you can do either via a computer, or via a mobile device. The same goes for any casino game – you can play it no matter what device you use right now.

The installation files for both of the apps (one for Android and one for iOS) are uploaded in the mobile browser version and can be found by clicking first on the menu, then on information. If you have an iPhone or iPad you can find Betway apps via Apple iTunes, too.

What do the customers think about Betway?

Customers appreciate Betway for being one of the most loyal and reputable bookies that has done a lot for proper football betting platform. However, those punters, who are keen on different sport disciplines, complain about not having so many options for a bet on their top preferred games. The newbies, meanwhile, are literally impressed by the company’s other services like casino, TV games and many more, but meanwhile, the experienced punters realize that out there on the global market there are websites for betting with better extra services. We can, though, conclude that Betway has no weak points – there are just aspects, which do not place them on the top chart positions within the industry, but it’s definitely an appropriate bookie for anybody, but mostly for any football lover.

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