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Betway Kenya is a fresh and modern online betting platform that’s a part of the huge African franchise owned by the European gambling company – Betway – and where more than two million of punters from all around the world enter to place their bets every single day. This platform is specially tailored for our country, but offers the same high quality services the punters from Europe receive, as well as the punters from other African countries appreciate.

It’s an interesting, which might make us proud, that Kenya, as a matter of fact, is the first African country this betting house entered in Africa. It happened back in 2015 year and then, many other websites for dozens of other African countries debuted, too.
As one of the oldest foreign betting operators in Kenya and as a sponsor to our national football league, the company is extremely respected by both: the punters and the state institutions of all level. To prove it, let us tell you that back in 2019 year, when the licenses of almost all betting operators in our country were taken away, Betway bookie among the first bookies that quickly managed the situation with the government and received a new license.

Betway has a very rich background history around the whole world, as well as in Kenya, so we can only make suggestions about this operator’s glorious future as the company’s popularity has been progressively growing. Plus – the bookmaker doesn’t stop investing in its service portfolio improvement. This bookmaker test is the place where you can find the fullest information for the established back in 2006 year bookie Betway, whose ambassador in Kenya is one of the biggest football legends in the history, Dennis Oliech.

What are the platforms to use Betway Kenya?

Betway Kenya is a bookie that accepts your bets through four different ways:

  • Via the desktop version for computers
  • Via SMS messages
  • Via the mobile browser version for smartphones and tablets
  • Via the app that is specially tailored for Android and iOS mobile devices

The Kenyan punters have been taking the benefits of the mobile technologies more and more often these days. They use their smartphones and tablets, but the truth is that Betway’s desktop website isn’t bad at all. In Europe, from where the company comes, the betting activity via computers has been still the most popular one, which is why Betway has no intentions to put an end to this betting platform.

As a whole, it’s very easy to get used to this website and one full tour of it is completely enough for any punter to start orienting where each service is. A standard template and format with simple shades, where the black color stands out, is the company’s official trademark. We cannot tell this company can win the prize for the most futuristic and innovative design, but practically, it’s just perfect for navigation.

As it has already become clear, this betting website has a specially tailored mobile website version, but on the other side, apps are available, too. The mobile platforms are developed on the base of the website design and navigation style and all of them follow similar tendencies in layout and arrangement. It’s a curious fact that there’s almost any difference between the two types of mobile platforms and your final choice which one to use should be predetermined by which one would be more convenient for you to access. Indeed, generally, people choose the app as it loads faster than the mobi website.

We have mentioned apps, but not an app, because the truth is that Betway has two apps. Here’s the only difference is in the operating system each app is compatible to – one app for Android and one app for the less popular in Kenya, iOS.

What makes us a truly huge impression when reviewing the mobile platforms is the fact that the company has managed to integrate 99% of its official services in them. While we have seen lots of bookies, which offer only a certain part of its products for smartphones, in Betway we have discovered that it’s only part of the pack with virtual sports that misses in the mobile platforms. There is no difference in the quality of the services, either.

Here comes the SMS betting activity, which is available in Betway, too, but as in any other bookie, this experience cannot compete to the standard mobile or desktop betting experience. Still, with SMS messages you can make some basic things on the platform – such as placing a bet (including multibets and participating in the jackpot game), opening an account, checking out your account balance, claiming for a withdrawal, getting information about the top interesting matches or the matches that are about to start and many more.

How to register in Betway Kenya?

If comparing the registration in Betway with the registration in almost any other bookie, operating in Kenya, we find only one difference. Betway allows you to register with SMS, too. For this purpose you should SMS message with text Accept to this short number – 29029.

To complete your registration and to select your own login details, you should register via the registration form available in all the three online platforms.

What you need to open an account is a valid phone number and e-mail address. You should click on the button Sign Up and then, to fill in the fields with these personal details, plus to mark that you have read the bookie’s terms and conditions and you agree with them. Press Register to finish the process.

The most important thing you should remember regarding opening an account in Betway is that you should fill in the fields correctly, because otherwise, you might risk your future profile to be blocked until the correct details are clarified. As to any other thing about the registration, we are confident you can understand and find on your own as the whole process is indeed, very simple.

How to make a deposit or withdrawals in Betway Kenya?

No one has ever complained about not being able to make a deposit or withdrawal in Betway Kenya, so it’s hard to believe that you might find some difficulties with any of these procedures.

The system is made in a way not to confuse you with any step or details, especially if you have some experience with M-Pesa or Airtel, which are the main payment options in this betting house. The other option for a deposit is to visit the closest company’s physical shop where you will be guided by the assistants when buying a voucher and how to use it in your betting activity later.

The bookie allows the customers to deposit at least 10 Ksh, but meanwhile, it’s curious that the minimum bet amount is 49 Ksh, so please have in mind this fact when funding your account. Consider that the deposit amount does influence on your first deposit bonus amount, too.

Sport bets in Betway Kenya

Bear in mind that Kenya is a country where the majority of people are super keen in sport, as well as in sport betting and mostly the punters look for such a gambling service. That’s why Betway has put sport betting on a pedestal in its specially tailored Kenyan version.

The company’s sport program includes all of the Kenyan audience’s top favorite sports like football, basketball, rugby, baseball and volleyball. While the events from these top favorite sports are always at your disposal, the bookie is not so generous with matches from less popular disciplines.

The truth is that Betway’s most of resources are invested in the big sport types like football, where the company, by the way, has even closed sponsorship contracts with teams from Kenyan national premium league – like AFC Leopards and Mathare United. Betway’s betting platform include championships under the aegis of all continental organizations and confederations like UEFA, CAF, CONMEBOL, CONCAF and AFC.

All of the bookie’s European leagues have odds in the website, too – from the English championship to the league in Malta, but African football world is covered very widely, too, as we find matches from the premium Kenyan league, the Premium league from South Africa, the one from Egypts, Botola in Morocco and Ligue Professionelle 1 in Alger.

The betting company chooses at least 100 matches during the day time and round the whole day there will be thousands of options for a bet in real time. In live betting right next to the football events you will also find tennis matches, but the coverage is a bit limited when you switch to any other type of a sport discipline.

Although Betway’s sport fans cannot watch the matches in real time, they can at least take the benefits of the stats and the function Cash Out available for almost 95% of the events from the daily program.

Tote in Betway Kenya

A couple of tote games are regularly available in Betway and through the section called Jackpot. Here, most of the company’s customers participate, although they are aware how small the chance to win the big prize is. Meanwhile, the punters understand that with a decent investment at an amount of 49 – 95 Ksh it’s worth it to try to win the potential jackpot – between 25 and 120 million of Ksh.

It’s also curious that in one of the tote games comes with the lowest participation fee, but offers the highest potential jackpot. Meanwhile, this is also the toughest game as you should correctly predict the correct score of 7 football matches.
There are compensating prizes mentioned in the terms and conditions of these jackpot games. These prizes are given in case of one or two mistakes in the predictions.

Virtual bets in Betway Kenya

If you want to save those 90 minutes within which a certain football match ends, you can, instead, place a bet on a match and watch it fully as it lasts only 3 minutes. This is the duration per match in the section with virtual sports.
Besides a football championship, there are virtual bets on computer-stimulated tennis tournaments, basketball leagues and horse racing, plus hounds that last even less than 3 minutes.

Casino in Betway Kenya

We can’t be that positive about Betway Kenya casino as doubtlessly, it’s left behind the biggest competitors in the sphere. The number of the games is “only” 50 which, by the way, are not a few by first side, but there are online casino rooms with longer lists of products. The quality of some games doesn’t correspond to the year we live in, either. Still, it’s not hard to mention some games that are worth it to be tested even if you are not a real casino lover:

  • Age of Discovery
  • Break da Bank
  • Royal Africa
  • Cash of Cingdoms
  • Thunderstuck 2

Bonuses and promotions in Betway Kenya

Here’s one proof for the fact that one of this European bookie’s top favorite African country is Kenya – the operator’s bonus system for our country, which system is the best one on the continent.

The new customer promotion is limited up to 5 000 Ksh and to get this amount of money, you should at first invest at least 10 000 Ksh as an initial deposit in your account as according to the bonus terms and conditi8ons, the customer receives as a bonus half of what he deposited after registration.

If you, on the other side, have a friend who loves betting, too, you can recommend him or her Betway Kenya and for this, you will receive 50 Ksh more (actually, 50 Ksh per each new registration based on your recommendation). You can easily get this bonus several times – just open your contacts in your mobile phone and collect the numbers of the people you think will be interested in the bookie. Then, enter the numbers in the page Refer a Friend you will see once you click on Info in the general menu.

When there are interesting tournaments or matches, as well as when the bookie is in kind of a good mood, you will see other promotions that are specifically made for a match or a league. For instance, there used to be a promo that refunded part of your bet placed on Roland Garros or other tour of the Big Slam.

Pros and cons in Betway Kenya

  • A company with reputable name and perfect reputation among the whole world and in Kenya, too
  • Wide coverage of football bets
  • Cash out service and stats
  • Some of the biggest football jackpots in Kenya
  • Few offers for less popular sport types
  • Not so advanced casino room

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